PROPERTY developer Richard Carr has revealed he will continue with his quest to buy Barclays House after it was revealed BCP Council is to pull out of all talks for the estate. 

On Thursday, it was revealed by council leader Drew Mellor that BCP Council will not be extending their exclusivity period given to them by Barclays and nor will they be submitting a formal bid for the site. 

This means that local property developer Richard Carr, chief executive of Fortitudo, is now free to place his hat back in the ring for the historic Poole building. 

Bournemouth Echo: Richard Carr, chief executive of FortitudoRichard Carr, chief executive of Fortitudo

Mr Carr said: “We will be pursuing the opportunity again. It was a shame that we have wasted all this time, but at the end of the day it is what it is and we have to crack on.” 

Fortitudo, the company owned by Richard Carr, put in a bid of £6.5 million to buy Barclays House but plans were halted after the council put in an “indicative” bid of £12 million. 

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In May, Mr Carr was given approval to demolish the building and promised to build in its place something “very, very iconic”. 

Bournemouth Echo: Barclays HouseBarclays House

Planning officials at the time of approval decided the site should be subject to an ecological survey, including bats and falcons, prior to any work on the site. 

Mr Carr said he would bring housing to the site consisting of “substantial buildings and the apartments will have the most fantastic views. 

“We plan to put a sky restaurant on top of the highest tower so the public will be able to enjoy it,” Mr Carr said back in May. 

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BCP Council leader Drew Mellor, who stopped plans on the purchase of Barclays House in Wimborne Road, said: “We will not be extending the exclusivity period or submitting a formal bid for the site, which will allow other interested parties to continue dialogue with the owners about their bids and plans.” 

He added: “We have found that both the building and car park require a level of refurbishment and/or rebuilding which would not fit in with our intended plans – especially with reference to the car park.” 

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