Silicone-free ‘one of the most important’ hair care trends in Korea

The pervasiveness of the clean beauty movement and the increasing emphasis of health is driving the demand for silicone-free hair care products in South Korea.

The emphasis on health has also been influenced by the clean beauty movement, which has permeated across Korea’s personal care landscape, influencing skin care, make-up and now, hair care.

Most notably, the clean beauty and health movement is fuelling the demand for silicone-free hair care products.

Allozymes claims proprietary tech increases actives yields, boosts sustainability

Biotechnology start-up Allozymes’s claims its proprietary tech gives the cosmetic industry a way to produce natural active ingredients in an environmentally responsible manner, while also reducing cost, time and resources.

The company’s proprietary microfluidics technology allows the company to study and sieve out the right enzymes by using tiny water droplets as vessels so it can move through the hardware.

This gives the firm 200 times higher chance of success, allowing it to engineer one enzyme in around two months.

Givaudan eyes gap in the men’s cosmetics market for pore-reducing products

Ingredients firm Givaudan says there is gap in the men’s segment for cosmetics that can reduce large pores, particularly among Chinese males.

From its consumer market research, Givaudan identified that men were particularly concerned about visible pores. One finding highlighted that large pores were the primary worry of around two-thirds of Chinese men.

Recently, it launched Neoporyl, an active ingredient that claims to reduce pore size quickly. One of its tests on Asian skin showed that it was capable of a 30.2% reduction of pore size in one week.

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